for families and future families

Because family matters, we tirelessly press on to serve the needs of families and future families through counseling and training.

We prepare, protect, and promote families.

As the family goes, so goes the culture.

Most every social and spiritual challenge can be traced to family instability or dysfunction, which negatively impacts children, who often perpetuate the cycle of brokenness in their future families. We want to help families, in every way we can.

crazy love

Call us crazy, but we hold that marriages can be wonderful and life giving, for a lifetime.
We see marriage to be a sacred union, among the greatest, if not the greatest, earthly treasure. The cornerstone of every stable family is a healthy, affirming marriage, from which so much love, beauty and goodness can grow. Who would not want to be with a spouse like the ones in the video here? We invite you to watch and be moved. And inspired.