because family matters

As we see it, we cannot have a strong culture without healthy families, and we cannot have healthy families without healthy marriages. We cannot have healthy marriages without healthy people. Spiritual, emotional and mental health is not a luxury. Through counseling, coaching and growth, individuals and couples can positively alter the trajectory of their future and impact on those they love.

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Preparing couples for fulfilling marriages and families that provide safety, stability and intimacy. Premarital counseling is an investment in the marriage, not a wedding expense.

Back in the day, if you were to grow up in rural Kansas, you’d likely marry someone from the same or nearby rural Kansas town. If you grew up in Queens, you’d probably marry someone of the same cultural background… from Queens. Not so much today. More responsibility in the decision making of a good life mate falls to the couple.

For those who want to marry, we want to help them make wise choices, so they will experience the fulfilling marriage they desire, stability .

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Protecting existing families by equipping and training spouses and children to grow into the best versions of themselves. Unfortunately, Emotional IQ skill building is not taught in most educational curricula. All of us can learn to be better lovers and givers.

Most of us only know what we saw growing up, so we model as adults what we experienced as children, unless we learn a different and perhaps healthier way. Through couneling, spouses can learn a better way. As we like to say, one counselor is way cheaper than two divorce attorneys.


Promoting family life that create powerful life giving legacies that live on past the present generation. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give your family is a healthy example to replicate in their families.

We empower couples to carry forward healthy values into their children, or when needed, break generational curses that may be part of their stories. Success leaves clues, and we teach how to replicate relational success principles into a family’s future.

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